Welcome to the Lodestar Festival 2015 Power Kite pages

If you are already a Power Kiter follow this link

However !!  If you've only seen Power Kiting on a beach or in your local park and have always wanted to have a go yourself or just want to see what all the fuss is about, then why not stop by the Kiting field at some point during the weekend and one of the Power Kite Instructors will be happy to give you a short Power Kite Taster Session and all we ask in return is a small (or large !) donation on behalf of a local charity yet to be decided upon.

If you fancy a full lesson we will donate 20% of the price to the same charities.

Please note that Power Kiting can be dangerous so when entering the Power Kite area, walk around the outside of the field whilst approaching the main body of Kiters. Then just have a quiet word with any of them and they'll point you in the direction of an Instructor.

Just remember to Have Fun and Stay Safe.                                

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